Image of Polished Off (Southern Beauty Shop)


Image of Polished Off (Southern Beauty Shop)

The Southern Beauty Shop series continues as the girls from Violetta’s find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery involving the Miss Magnolia pageant. This first-rate mystery is well written with smooth dialogue, plenty of action and numerous suspects. Readers will be guessing all the way to the end, as the victims pile up, and the spunky and smart Grace stumbles upon a killer and a motive no one saw coming.

Grace and Stella from Violetta’s Beauty Salon agree to style hair and do nails for the girls in the local Miss Magnolia Blossom pageant. Grace is greeted on her first day by a group of beauty pageant protesters. Knowing this is not going to be an easy job, Grace prepares herself for some difficult contestants. But she is unprepared for the murder of the pageant coordinator, Audrey Faye. Furthermore, Ms. Faye was stabbed in the neck with Stella’s nail file. Stella is the prime suspect and so is her husband, who was sleeping with Ms. Faye. As Grace dodges protesters and works to clear her friend of murder, mishaps occur during the pageant that make her wonder if the contestants’ lives are in danger. Or is one of the contestants a dangerous killer? (PRIME CRIME, Feb., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Martin