Carmichael writes a touching story
that deals with the elements of the mayoral campaigning process while delivering an interracial love affair
that reaches deep into the heart. The story is even in its deliverance, especially when various issues consistently affect Chase's campaign, and his and Eden's relationship. This is all done with exceptional realism, making for
a terrific, consistent read.

Third-grade teacher Eden Warner, not pleased as to how the children are used and discarded during the political process, has issued a challenge to mayoral candidate Chase Mathews. Chase agrees to the challenge of spending a week in her classroom, and a warm, loving relationship begins to develop. Secrets, however, threaten to jeopardize both the campaign and the relationship on more than one occasion. For their relationship to become of a permanent nature, trust, honesty and genuine love will prove key for Chase and Eden. (Parker, Jan., 250 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor