From the author who wrote the not-to-be-missed, heart-wrenching Gingerbread comes a story about a girl and her rise to the top of the pop charts. It's a fun, thrilling ride through the music industry that'll make even the most alternative of girls want to be a Britney for a day.

Things aren't going so well for Wonder Blake when she and her family move to the Cape after her sister's death. Wonder loathes the town, her school and her lack of friends— girls or boys. Her parents seem to hate each other, and she's still dealing with the death of her sis, Lucky, who was on her way up the pop charts when she died. When Wonder is offered a record deal with Lucky's former manager, she jumps at the chance— never mind that music stardom was her sister's dream, not hers.

Once Wonder leaves Cape Cod, hold on for an exhilarating ride through the pop music industry, where every move, word, date, friendship and belly-baring blouse is carefully choreographed. Cohn takes us into a world where everyone is fake and struggling to cling to stardom, leaving Wonder confused about who is a real friend and who just wants to cling to a piece of fame.

Wonder likes her new life, but are the sacrificed calories, lack of honest friendships and strain on her relationship with her family worth it? Well, when you're going to wild clubs and making out with movie stars, it's hard not to say yes. Cohn is a master at writing endearing characters. POP PRINCESS might totally make you want to be Britney for a day— or year. Probably not Cohn's point…but still. (Mar., 320 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris