Image of Portal of Dragons


Image of Portal of Dragons

Paranormal and fantasy fans will have mixed feelings about this collection from Breeding. While all three stories are fascinating, they’re also overly complex and a little convoluted. Breeding’s characters are entirely well developed, and the whole idea of dragon shifters and slayers is out of this world, but each story falls flat before it comes to an end. Readers may feel that this book would have played out better as an entire novel instead of being broken up into three stories.

Three dragon shifters have been granted the honor of protecting a sapphire, emerald and ruby, respectively. The gems are extremely powerful because Merlin removed them from the Holy Grail in order to keep them safe from the evil Mordred. His slayers hunt dragons but as years pass, their strength diminishes at a rapid pace. Now, each must find a soul mate in order to restore power once again and to keep the precious stones free from harm forever. Who will prove to be the best and bravest fighter capable of carrying out this dangerous task? (HIGHLAND, Nov., 219 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi