Imogene (Genie) Carter is determined to study painting with New York's art world's golden child, Jonas Whitaker. Few know of the horrible past this brilliant and temperamental artist has lived through or of nightmares that haunt him.

Jonas has been able to hide his secret until Genie's arrival. Though he tries to drive her away by harsh criticism, embarrassment and outright rudeness, he finds her resolute.

Genie understands Jonas' torment. She has lived her life in the shadow of her beautiful sister, once her father's shining light, but who tragically died and who Genie attempts to emulate. Genie is mesmerized by Jonas' passion for his work and his seductive, sensual nature and drawn to the pain she sees beneath his harsh facade.

Genie brings light into Jonas' dark existence, but he fears that even her love cannot save him from his personal torment. When it appears that he might lose her, Jonas dares all, creating his masterpiece-a portrait of Genie that will shock the world and force Genie to choose between Jonas and her father.

THE PORTRAIT showcases Megan Chance's impressive ability to evoke powerful emotions in her readers. Sensitive, exciting, sensual and thought provoking, THE PORTRAIT is a masterpiece of a love story. SENSUAL (Oct., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin