The magic starts on page one. A cursed soul, an enchanted portrait and good characters make this book a keeper. An intriguing mystery and edge-of-your-seat excitement will keep the reader wondering if the hero and heroine's love will hold them together or tear them apart.

Sophie's usual visit to the museum takes an eerie but exciting turn when she spies a man inside a portrait. She's overcome by a strange type of exhaustion and awakens on a beautiful beach by the man in the portrait. His silence about why she has been transported to his other-realm prison angers her, but she soon discovers that Dylan is a tortured soul who needs her help to escape.

Despite the other women who are transported to the beach cottage, the spirit of a dead woman with revenge on her mind and the hopelessness of their situation, Sophie vows she will do anything to free the man she has come to love. (Whiskey Creek, Jul., 202 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith