The author of The Diary of John-Jacques Coupier pens another engrossing time-travel centered around the struggle for fame, fortune and power.

After Grant Tyrell is informed that one of his ancestors was Septimius Severus, warrior-emperor of the Roman Empire, he decides he must take a vacation— to Rome, 200 A.D. And thanks to the Internet and modern technology, he is able to do just that. Grant wants to experience the power of deciding the fate of millions and all the glory of the Roman Empire.

But upon his arrival, it seems all the power Grant seeks is held by a beautiful woman named Lydia of the house of Marcus Flavioles Antonious of Rome. She also holds Grant's fate in her pretty hands.

Realistic characters fill the pages of this creatively penned, in-depth time-travel. Lydia and Grant's story is a well-written romance that's fresh and unique, with fantastic historical highlights. Van Horne pens another terrific novel readers won't want to miss. SENSUAL (Jul., 317 pp., $16.50)
Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik