Jeremy Rawlings has no interest in assuming his rightful place as the Duke of Rawlings. Hed much rather raise eyebrows with his scandalous behavior. When hes thrown out of Oxford he comes home to discover that his childhood friend, Maggie Herbert, has turned into a beauty.

Maggie knows just what kind of a man Jeremy is. She has no interest in romance., and wants to study painting in Paris. But Jeremy has a way of stealing into her room, and her heart.

Before she knows it shes been compromised and proposed to, but Maggie will have none of that. She leaves for Paris when Jeremy joins the army in India.

Five years later, Jeremy returns home a decorated hero suffering from malaria. Maggie has also come to Rawlings Manor, with a fianci. The sparks begin to fly the instant they meet. The flames roar higher when it turns out that he has been awarded the Star of Jaipor, a priceless sapphire, and that an Indian Princess has followed Jeremy to England. To complicate matters, an old painting of Maggies finds its place into an exhibition and into notoriety.

For a pair of sophisticated and enlightened people, Jeremy and Maggie certainly find a way to create a new scandal and discover that old loves never die.

Patricia Cabot warms the heart with this charming, often funny and poignant spin-off from Where Roses Grow Wild. Readers will fall in love with the characters and their exploits. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin