Lofty’s latest release has all the elements of a great romance: suspense, passion and forbidden love. As feelings bloom between young aristocrat Greta, who is forced into the world of art forgery, and Oliver, an illegitimate son of a wealthy noble, readers will enjoy the chemistry between the lovers and empathize as the pair struggles with their different social stations. However, while the plot shows promise, Greta’s timid attitude — which includes fainting and weeping when she is faced by conflict — is often at odds with her bold seduction of Oliver and her actions as an art forger. Nonetheless, the passion that flares between the lovers, the intriguing plot and well-developed supporting characters combine to make this a pleasant read.

Salzburg is on the brink of war, threatened by Napoleon’s invasion of Europe. In this time of turmoil, Greta Zwieg faces an uncertain future at the hands of her ruthless uncle. All she wants to do is paint, but when her uncle begins selling her private reproductions of the family’s masterpieces as originals, she has no choice but to go along with his plan. Oliver Doerger is the illegitimate son of a wealthy nobleman who goes undercover as a valet to his aristocratic brother in order to help protect his family and country. Their worlds come together when Oliver saves Greta’s life at the opera, throwing them into a whirlwind of passion, deception and betrayal. Will the two be able to overcome the obstacles of the approaching war and their own unequal social stations to find love that will last a lifetime? (CARINA PRESS, May., dl. $5.39)

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Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet