Wyatt Holloway had paid his debt to society by spending 17 years in prison. Now a free man, he has returned to Eternity, Colorado, to find the money he and the gang buried before his capture. What he finds is a woman from his past.

Leah Kirkland, a widow with two small children, is among the few women photographers in the country. She learned her craft from her father and is about to embark on a trip to study with a master when Wyatt arrives.

Wyatt hopes to find the stash and leave, never expecting to find a lovely widow and her children stealing his heart and bringing back long buried memories of the day his photograph was taken and a woman was killed.

Wyatt is still afraid to reveal the truth about his past until a twist of fate allows him to discover how truth and love can set him free.

This is a wonderful, warm romance of love and redemption that will touch you time and again. Stef Ann Holm achieves a new dimension in her writing with PORTRAITS. SENSUAL (Sept., 389 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin