Image of Possessed By The Highlander


Image of Possessed By The Highlander

Brisbin's nicely crafted romance beautifully renders its characters' growth and powerful emotions, but an angst-driven, convoluted plot slows the pace.

Duncan MacLerie, aka the Peacemaker, has been sent to negotiate with the new Laird Robertson. Iain is an evil but cunning leader and a formidable adversary for Duncan. On his way to the meeting Duncan rescues a woman from an attacker and later discovers she's Iain's disgraced sister Marian, "Robertson's harlot."

Duncan is repeatedly drawn to Marian's cottage. While visiting her and her daughter, he falls into a drugged sleep and awakens surrounded by Robertson's men, who demand he marry Marian. Duncan is only too happy to comply, but Marian, fearful that he will lose his honor, agrees only to a handfasting. Duncan vows to find a way to make her his true bride and free them from the nightmare of her past. (Harlequin, Aug., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin