Anthropologist Kris Torrence is bored with her life and for once wants to live out her fantasies. She answers an ad for a trip to the Hotel Atlantis, a luxurious, no-holds-barred sex resort. Jack McKenna goes to Atlantis to visit his friend, the owner of the resort, and to get a certain uptight professor out of his mind.

When Jack find that his "prickly" professor is on the island and up for grabs, he grabs her. Soon, Krissy becomes Jack's slave and acts out her fantasies with him, but will her feelings be returned or is it all "just sex"?

THE POSSESSION is a fast-paced story filled with well-written sex scenes for those who are not offended by the "submissive female" fantasy. There is little romance and readers may be left wondering why Jack and Krissy fall in love. If the novel had been longer, Ms. Black might have been able to better explore her characters and their motivations. (dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager