Image of Possession


Image of Possession

What makes this story work -- other
than a surprisingly sweet love story and steamy, thoroughly satisfying sex scenes that span multiple chapters --
is a believable and sympathetic heroine struggling to keep it together amid overwhelming forces, both supernatural and grounded in reality. It's a romance with well-executed elements of suspense and mystery. Altogether, a
deliciously hot page-turner.

Kendra Carter is recovering from a nervous breakdown following her father's untimely death when her stepbrother Gerald introduces her to Delamelanicon, a rare occult book thought to have been written by Satan.

Kendra is inexplicably drawn to the book and compelled to open it. That's how she frees the demon Remi trapped within it. Kendra and Remi are bound together by more than magic and lust, and Kendra cannot resist the demon's powers of seduction, even though she can't believe any of it's real. Moreover, she fears that the power Remi exerts over her is all in her mind and indicative of a mental relapse. Which is, perhaps, exactly what Gerald intended to have happen. (APHRODISIA, Sep., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Michelle Wiener