Image of Possession: A Greywalker Novel


Image of Possession: A Greywalker Novel

In book after book, Richardson proves she does eerie and creepy really, unbelievably well and Possession just cements that fact. Messages from beyond can get lost in translation and that is certainly the current dilemma for P.I. & Greywalker Harper Blaine. As a bonus, Richardson prominently features tragic and horrific real-life events from Seattle’s infamous past in this shiver-inducing tale.

When Harper is approached by a woman who wants Harper to take a look at her comatose sister, Harper is not sure what to expect. Upon viewing Julianne, Harper understands Lily Goss’ fears; although she is comatose, Julianne will suddenly sit up and start painting. Is Julianne possessed? If so, by what or whom? Then Harper hears of two other local comatose patients who are also suddenly exhibiting unexplained behavior. How are these people connected? As Harper digs deeper, she uncovers links to a truly gruesome chapter in Seattle’s history. (ROC, Aug., 368 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith