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Image of Potboiler

Kellerman balances the line between thrills and satire in this unique reading experience filled with mysteries, conspiracies, double crosses and shadowy villains. The main character is a bit of a whiner, and not very sympathetic, but grows on the reader as the story progresses. The coincidences and the over-the-top story make the entire novel fun in completely unexpected ways. Only a great writer like Kellerman could make it all work this well.

Arthur Pfefferkorn is a college professor who always wanted to be a novelist. An estranged friend, William de Vallee, hit the big time with his thrillers. Arthur always loved William’s wife from afar, so when William is declared dead after being missing for several months, Arthur rekindles his feelings for her at the funeral. When he discovers an unpublished de Vallee manuscript, he decides to steal it for his own. Then, the real fun begins. (PUTNAM, Jun., 336 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers