Image of The Power of Love


Image of The Power of Love

This fine collection of short stories truly exemplifies the power of love. Each story is short enough to finish in one sitting but long enough that reading it is worth your while.

Included in these 12 stories is Lori Foster's "Sweet Dreams," where a hot June night has Cara seeing best friend Jamison in a different light. Mildly psychic Hannah wants to be useful, and teaming up with a cop and his canine partner seems to be the thing to do in "Unpredictable," by Erin McCarthy. A case of the wrong place at the right time turns into romance in Dianne Castell's "Last of the Red-Hot Mammas."

Rosemary Laurey's 65-year-old widow has discovered love again and will grasp it with both hands, no matter what her children -- or his -- say in "Dance the Fandango." In "Chicken Soup for Annie," by LuAnn McLane, Annie is mistaken as a volunteer at the pastor's thrift shop and discovers that her luck has really changed. Other authors include: Toni Blake, Karen Kelley, Janice Maynard, Lucy Monroe, Patricia Sargeant, Kay Stockham and J.C. Wilder. (Berkley Sensation, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley