Image of The Power Trip


Image of The Power Trip

Nobody does celebrity drama like Collins. She gives readers an inside view of the lives of the rich and famous. With the flair only she can bring, she reveals secrets and lies among her cast of characters. This book is an amazing addition to the stellar books in this iconic story- teller’s collection.

Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko has plans to make his girlfriend Bianca’s 30th yacht-set birthday party one she will never forget. The guest list includes a U.S. senator, an A-List Hollywood actor, a UK footballer, a Latin singing sensation and a journalist. Unbeknownst to the partygoers, Aleksandr’s enemy, Russian mobster Sergei Zukov, is out for revenge. Hiring a band of pirates to take the ship and its passengers hostage, Sergei believes he will have the last laugh. The guests’ secrets and lies are revealed, but their main concern is making it off the ship alive. (ST. MARTIN’S, Feb., 536 pp., $27.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson