Years ago, when her parents disappeared, 16-year-old Cai was recruited for a secret special forces program that involved nanoprobes inserted in the brain. Paired with Captain Jake Tucker of the United Colonies of Earth Army Special Forces, she can communicate with him mentally, plus she can download information to him during critical missions.

There is just one catch: Jake thinks Cai is a computer. A special mission comes up, one that involves trying to capture the enigmatic freedom fighter Banzai Maguire, and Cai needs to physically be there because it may give her answers to her parents' disappearance.

However, only Jake can permit her presence. He is dumbfounded when he learns his longtime partner is all too human—and meeting Cai in the flesh turns on emotions that Jake never expected.

The fourth chapter in the 2176 series reveals that the noose is tightening around Banzai Maguire. Cai and Jake are two fascinating characters whose relationship dynamics are quite unique and compelling. Make sure to fasten your seatbelt for this wild ride! (Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith