Image of The Power of Vasilii


Image of The Power of Vasilii

THE POWER OF VASILII (4) by Penny Jordan: An unfortunate and misread situation sends Laura Westcotte to a new employer, Vasilii Demidov, the man who has ruled her dreams and her heart since she was a schoolgirl. Vasilii’s instincts tell him not to trust Laura since she was caught in a compromising position at her last job, but he hires her as his PA because she’s the best person to help him win the China contract his business so badly needs. They both feel an immediate pull toward each other, but without trust can it work? This intensely emotional story involves a couple who rules the novel with their overpowering personalities. The narrative tends to get a bit wordy toward the end but not so much that it diminishes the strength of the story.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt