Image of Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife


Image of Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife

POWERFUL GREEK, UNWORLDLY WIFE (4.5) by Sarah Morgan: Billionaire banker Leandro Demetrios makes it clear to his lovers that if they give him their heart he'll break it. After all, the one time he trusted a woman enough to marry her, she walked out on him. But one year later, his wife, Millie, is back with the intention of claiming her deceased sister's baby, the child she believes is the product of her husband's affair with her sister. Leandro is determined to make his wife confront their problems, but will Millie choose to run again or stand up and fight for their marriage? An intriguing beginning, a sexy hero and passion that leaps off the pages will make you want to read this novel in one sitting.

Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan