Still grieving from her father's death, self-centered Cassandra McAdams fields a suicide call on the church crisis line. When the conversation ends, Cassie feels she wasn't of much help. Distraught, grief-stricken and widowed, Jeff Hadley seeks answers on POWERLINE (3), the church-sponsored crisis line, before he attempts suicide. The woman answering his call points him toward God and His grace. Jeff calls back, and Cassie and he strike up a friendship. Circumstance throws them together, and a more personal relationship develops. Against Powerline's policy, they continue to see each other. When a disaster calls on each to give sacrificially, will friendship's ties be strong enough to grow into love? Strong characters and a good plot make Deborah Kinnard's story a powerful read, but at times it's bogged down, and the reader may skim to get to the next piece of action. (May, 204 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin