March knocks it out of the park with this Suddenly Smitten novel that will delight both fans of baseball and romance. A light and airy summer read, it focuses on family and companionship, but the remarkable, memorable romance is a grand slam, too. Readers will wholeheartedly connect with the down-to-earth heroine and swoon over Cole, the sexy ball player.

Liza Sutherland’s fairy-tale romance was cut short when her fiancé was killed two years ago. She’s not interested in dating and certainly isn’t overjoyed when her name is announced as the winner at a black tie gala. Her prize is a date with Cole Collins, first baseman of the Washington Nationals and Liza’s teenage crush. Cole’s agent will stop at nothing to get him positive publicity now that his contract is up, so he urges Cole to enjoy the date and maybe fall in love — even if the idea of settling down makes Cole queasy. Liza figures it’s for a good cause, but as their attraction heightens, it’s tough to tell if it’s real or fake. (ENTANGLEDPUBLISHING.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi