Bittner continues the Pioneer Saga with Noah Wilde's grandson, Jonah, whose lust for freedom leads him to take his wife, Sadie, and young son into the newly settled Indiana Territory to forge a farming empire.

As the Wildes make their way into Fort Wayne, respected Shawnee leader Tecumseh is raising an army to keep the settlers from further encroaching on Shawnee land. Powerful Potawatomi warrior Wingo is ready to fight— to save his homeland and find the white woman who a vision proclaims is his destiny.

When the Wildes are attacked by Shawnee, Sadie and her son are taken to Tecumseh. Wingo immediately knows Sadie is the woman he seeks. Believing Jonah is dead, Sadie will do whatever she must to survive, even become Wingo's wife and a member of the tribe.

As the Native Americans and the settlers ready for a confrontation, Sadie is torn by her love for Wingo and their unborn child, and her memories of Jonah, who is alive and searching for her.

Few romance writers know Native American culture, mores and history like Bittner. Readers can depend on her to bring the locale, the characters and the true dramas of history to life. She doesn't disappoint as she continues her series on the settling of the frontier. SENSUAL (Jul., 256 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin