Farmer Arthur Briggs Brigmans bitterness at losing the woman he loved has hardened his heart. Now all he wants from his new mail-order bride is a woman wholl work by his side.

Married almost as soon as she steps off the train, Sarah isnt given a chance to tell Briggs that she is not a virgin. When the truth surfaces, Briggs, who has already been deceived by one woman, refuses to believe Sarahs explanation of how she, too, was betrayed.

Sarah struggles side-by-side with Briggs to fight anything that gets in the way of making the farm and their marriage a success. But when his ex-fianci and the man who seduced Sarah both arrive in town, will their newfound, fragile trust be broken?

Mail-order bride fans will savor this loving, realistic tale of an arranged marriage. In vivid language and colorful description, Ms. MacLean portrays the hardships and struggles of a dirt farmer: from sod dugout houses, to fighting off insects and natures fury. She tells a sensitive love story of lost souls and redemption. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin