Image of Prairie Courtship (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Prairie Courtship (Love Inspired Historical)
PRAIRIE COURTSHIP (4) by Dorothy Clark: Independence, Mo., and Oregon country, 1841. Emma Allen wants to treat people as a real doctor when she arrives in Oregon, but she is concerned people won’t accept her. First she needs to get away from wagon master Josiah Blakes, who has tried at every opportunity to convince her to turn back, believing she will not survive the long trek to Oregon. Josiah plans to retire from leading wagon trains after this trip. He wants a simple, quiet life. He is concerned about Emma and her sister, with whom she’s traveling, and he’s also having romantic feelings for Emma and wants to keep her safe. Clark has written a tender romance with a few twists thrown in for good measure in Prairie Courtship. The characters are strong not only in body and mind but also in their belief that they will find their rainbow at the end of the long, hard trail.
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Patsy Glans