Image of Prairie Cowboy (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Prairie Cowboy (Love Inspired Historical)
PRAIRIE COWBOY (4) by Linda Ford: Dakota Territory, 1886: Teacher Vinnie White has her hands full when a new student, Rae, joins the school. But it’s not the student who’s the challenge, it’s the girl’s father, Conor Russell. Conor wants his daughter to realize that only the strong of mind and body can survive the harsh territory. Vinnie takes it upon herself to educate Conor that one can have a caring, sensitive side and still make it in the wilderness. Two stubborn people with very different ideas will have to find a way to meet in the middle for the sake of a child. Prairie Cowboy has romance, funny moments and the lesson of what really makes a person strong: love and understanding.
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Patsy Glans