In the second title of Ms. Palmers A Town Called Hope series, Caitrin Murphy discovers an injured Jack Cornwall, the most hated man in town, hiding in her brothers barn. She offers him food and hides him until hes ready to leave town. But Jack isnt quite so eager to go once Caitrin utters three little words hes not used to hearing. He decides to face those who hate him, and make his home in Hope, Kansas.

With his mother stirring up trouble and his sister in chains because shes a danger to herself and others, Jack has enough to contend with. But he uses the newfound faith Caitrin helped him find to arm himself with the strength to fight the towns prejudice.

Though perfect for each other, so many obstacles are thrown in Jack and Caitrins path, itll take a miracle for them to really have a romance. But these two high-spirited characters know exactly where to turn for help.

A powerful mix of lightness and intensity, this novel demonstrates a beautiful message of Christian love. Expertly drawn characters and Ms. Palmers gifted insight into the human heart make this one of the best inspirational and historical romances of the year. (Fall, 284 pp.,$9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson