Maggie Osborne has a gift for writing moving stories peopled with extraordinary characters readers truly care about. This comes to the fore in an emotionally intense novel of two people bearing heavy burdens who manage to find salvation through each other's love.

For 10 years, Della Ward has lived in the shadow of her young husband's death. The last letter she wrote him was neither kind nor loving. She's lived with the guilt since.

Lawman James Cameron rides to her run-down farm carrying her husband's last letter to Della. James shares her pain and much guilt. He was with Clarence Ward when he died on a Civil War battlefield and has carried the memories and a picture of Della for a decade.

He is a man who does not care if he lives or dies. She is a woman who once loved life and no longer cares. Drawing on each other's strengths and weaknesses, they learn the real meaning of forgiveness and face the harrowing truth behind Clarence's death.

This is a book guaranteed to move you and make you think about what you've said and how it might be perceived. Mostly, this is a story of finding the strength to look for the best in people and in yourself. The lesson Maggie Osborne teaches is one as pertinent today as it was years ago. This is one more of her gifts—to look deeply into the human heart and find the best there is to see. SENSUAL (Nov., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin