Emma Lawrence has spent 13 years living in the shameful shadow of her father, who burned down the barn of the town's leading citizen. After his death she must get the family farm transferred to her mother, but the only lawyer in town is the victim's son.

Sam Watson has been raised by his grandparents and only recently returned to town. He is unconcerned with his father's grudges. All he knows is that Emma is hard to resist.

To pay back taxes and her father's death duties, Emma needs more money than she can possibly make from the family pecan farm. A contest to see who can be the first resident to get 250 bushels to the shipping dock with a prize of $100 sparks Emma's interest. And it seems somewhat right that the person offering the prize is Sam's father.

As Emma and Sam spend more time together their feelings grow, but the family feud and the town's attitudes seem to make a relationship impossible.

With an enchanting and humorous small-town feel, this is an enjoyable read. SWEET (Nov., 272 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson