PRAY LOVE, REMEMBER is an R-rated version of a Bronte novel.

The aristocratic Earl of Northcliffe impregnates the governess, Collette Travers, prior to her wedding.What makes her situation far worse is that as the story opens, her fiance Julian is returning home after several weeks' absence due to a shipwreck. On top of the disaster, he has amnesia.

Upon his return, he is informed by his step-mother and Lady Miranda, a woman of his own class, that he is betrothed to her. Since he has no memory, he believes them. Even his doctor has warned them against saying or doing anything to jog his memory-the sudden onset could cause insanity.

Collette has little time in which to pray Julian remembers her before it is obvious she carries a child. Since she believes his body will remember what his mind cannot, she seduces him. Although Julian is drawn to her, he believes she is a woman of easy virtue because he has no memory of Collette or their passionate love.

The search for the villain who attempts to kill Julian -- along with the race to recapture his memory and stave off his marriage to Lady Miranda -- keeps an otherwise incredulous plot moving apace. Love, of course, conquers all, even when Julian can't remember which woman is his true beloved. SENSUAL (May, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Michell Phifer