Image of The Prayer Box (A Carolina Heirlooms Novel)


Image of The Prayer Box (A Carolina Heirlooms Novel)

Readers will delight in this gorgeously written, true gem of a novel. Wingate has a way with phrasing that makes one stop and savor certain passages because they are incredibly meaningful — not only to the telling of the tale, but to the reader’s own life. Realistic characters and a saga of life, love and rebuilding make a gorgeous treat.

When Tandi Reese escapes an abusive relationship in Texas, she moves to a guest house on an estate in the Outer Banks with her two children. Tandi has never been a responsible parent, and she hasn’t changed her ways much since the move. When Iola Anne Poole, their elderly landlady, dies, Tandi is given the responsibility of helping to clear out the house. She discovers multiple boxes of letters — prayers Iola wrote to God over the past 80 years. Tandi learns a great deal about herself and the direction in which she wants to head while reading about Iola’s life. (TYNDALE, Sep..,400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel