One of the best suspense writers today, Faye Kellerman has a unique voice and brilliant style.

Why would anyone want to murder world-renowned heart surgeon Dr. Azor Moses Sparks? Married, father of six and active in his fundamentalist faith, Dr. Sparks epitomizes dedication. It's shocking to find his corpse in his car behind a Los Angeles restaurant.

Due to Sparks' high profile, Lieutenant Peter Decker is pressured to solve this case quickly and quietly. As Peter's detectives dig into Sparks' past, they uncover cracks in the united family facade. Defying his parents' faith, Dr. Sparks' favorite son Abram is now the Catholic priest, Father Bram. Peter is disconcerted to discover that Father Bram has a close and unique tie with Peter's own beloved wife, Rina.

Many years ago, Bram was a close friend of Rina's first husband, Yitzchak. The two would argue and discuss religious dogma for hours. When Yitzchak became ill, Bram practically moved in and helped Rina and her two young sons cope with Yitzchak's impending death. As suspicion falls on Bram, Rina refuses to believe that her dear friend could have anything to do with his father's murder. Her connection to the case could pose a conflict of interest for Peter.

Beside being a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Sparks was instrumental in the discovery and development of a potentially powerful new anti-rejection drug, Curedon. Now in FDA trials, Curedon is a huge potential money maker. Who stood to lose or gain the most with Dr. Sparks' untimely death?

(Aug., 406 pp., $24.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith