Image of The Pre-Nup (Bantam Discovery)


Image of The Pre-Nup (Bantam Discovery)

In this fast-moving story of female empowerment, friendship and rocky relationships, the three female leads all captivate, although Ellie's tale is perhaps the most riveting. Her transformation from good girl to woman scorned will have
readers rooting for her.

Best friends Ellie, Jen and Mara are in relationship pickles. Ellie's perfect husband isn't quite so perfect. Jen's complicated relationship with Eric reaches critical mass when he decides she doesn't love him anymore. And Mara and her fiance reach an impasse when they can't agree on the wording of their pre-nup.

Where the male/female relationships flounder, the women's friendships only gets stronger. None of them are perfect, but they come together when it truly matters. (BANTAM DISCOVERY, Dec., 291 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg