St. John's latest is a sweet, moderately paced romance. She keeps biblical references to a minimum and cleverly weaves them into the story to guide
the characters during difficult times.
This is basically a sensual inspirational novel about two people who find love and fulfillment.

Lorabeth Holdridge's first step toward freedom after living under her preacher father's strict regulations is taking a job as a doctor's housekeeper. She cares for Dr. Chaney's wife and children, and they welcome her into the family.

Benjamin, the doctor's brother and town vet, is intrigued by the innocent and idealistic Lorabeth. He appoints himself her guide and escorts her to town social functions, where he's irked by the competition from other men.

She accepts his marriage proposal, but their troubles are far from over. Ben is haunted by his past, and the newlyweds don't stand a chance at happiness until he can let go of old hatreds and resentments. (Harlequin, Jun., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer