Image of Precinct 13


Image of Precinct 13

Hallaway kicks off a fun new series featuring a young woman who learns that, despite what she has been told, she is not crazy. Hallaway is known for combining the weird and wacky with an element of danger — and this latest offering is no exception. A terrific starting point for a series and a set of characters that promise to be very intriguing.

After her doctors in Chicago urge her to get over her delusions about magic and the supernatural, Alex Conner decides to cut all ties to the past. She moves to Pierre, S.D., and — on a dare from her roommate — applies for the job of local coroner. But Alex fears she is backsliding when, during her first autopsy, a snake jumps out of the cadaver and dives under Alex’s skin. Then, the body gets up and leaves. A flummoxed Alex is directed to Precinct 13, where, to her astonishment, she learns that magic is real and she may be a witch. (BERKLEY, Aug., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith