Despite twelve years of marriage, Karon and Dan Lippin's relationship is still filled with a special magic. The deep, abiding love and passion they feel for one another still flourishes.

After years of working in the system, Karon is about to use her nursing training to start her own home health care business. Despite the possibility of his own future unemployment, Dan insists that Karon follow her dream and open her own business.

But all these pressures quickly take a back seat the night Karon's nineteen-year-old daughter Lisa informs them that she is pregnant. The advent of a baby throws Lisa and her parents' entire lives into turmoil. Having been a young unwed mother herself, Karon deeply empathizes with her daughter, but is dismayed to find Lisa is repeating her own mistakes.

The emotional tension and stress of the situation begins to fray the edges of Karon and Dan's marriage. They all want the best for Lisa and the baby, but Lisa seems unable and unwilling to make any final decisions.

Can they weather this crisis as a family and become a stronger unit, or will the constant stresses destroy their once loving and unbreakable bond?

Author Vella Munn delivers a highly emotional and poignant story of a family making the most difficult decisions of their lives. While Ms. Munn vividly brings these sympathetic and compelling characters to life, a tighter resolution of the story would have been profitable. (Apr., 288pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith