Image of Predatory Game (GhostWalkers, Book 6)


Image of Predatory Game (GhostWalkers, Book 6)

In her latest GhostWalker novel, Feehan explores what happens when a friendship is put to the test. The character development is poignant and top notch, which makes the stakes for survival all the higher. Feehan's at the top of her game with this explosive, scintillating novel!

Since escaping from Dr. Whitney's terrifying lab, female ghostwalker Saber Wynter has been on the run. Is it fate or manipulation that brings her to Wyoming to work at the radio station owned by Jess Calhoun?

After losing use of his legs during a special op gone bad, Jess has continued his highly classified ghostwalker work. He builds a friendship with Saber that turns to deep attraction. Both can shield their special abilities so well that neither realizes the other is a ghostwalker. Then, after one slip of power, each begins to wonder -- are they really mortal enemies? (JOVE, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith