Image of The Pregnant Proposition (#2028)


Image of The Pregnant Proposition (#2028)
THE PREGNANT PROPOSITION (2) by Sandra Paul: Farrier Ally Cabrerra's family has been feuding with rancher Troy O'Malley's for years over property she recently inherited. Ally yearns to make a life there but can't take possession until she turns 30, or marries. Since she's only 24, Ally has just one option. Her first attempt to find a husband doesn't work out, thanks to Troy, who then tries -- and fails -- to seduce her. Later, believing she's pregnant, Troy persuades Ally to marry him. She agrees, not realizing that Troy thinks it'll be a real marriage. That's when the trouble starts. Paul's blend of traditional plot and chick-lit humor doesn't quite work, mainly because the men are controlling, dimwitted or both. A disappointment.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer