Talk about being unlucky in love. Nearly every man thirtysomething Vivian St. James dated has either been victim to some terrible accident or exhibited traits of compulsive behavior. Its not unusual to find her dates sitting in a local emergency room rather than in her bedroom. Stranger still is that Dr. Zachary Warner seems to constantly be the resident doctor who patches up her hapless dates.

From his first encounter with the lovely Vivian St. James, Zachary immediately wanted her. Fate seems to be working in his favor too. If only he could convince Vivian to ditch the buffoons she is used to dating and give him a chance.

It comes as a pleasant surprise to Zachary to learn that Vivian occupies an apartment in the very same building that he owns. And, as befitting with all her previous paramours, Zack suffers an injury while working on some building repairs and is more than eager to accept the lovely bachelorette as his nurse.

Author Bettye Griffin will once again delight fans with PRELUDE TO A KISS. This romantic comedy is a delightful reading experience, as Zach and Vivian find love amid humorousand disasteroussituations. (Dec., 304 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton