Image of Prepared for Rage: A Novel


Image of Prepared for Rage: A Novel

Stabenow's latest is another winner from this accomplished author. Action drives the novel, and once the background is established, the plot races forward at breakneck speed. It's chilling because it seems all too possible, and engrossing until the stunning conclusion.

Akil, a Pakistani terrorist or freedom fighter, depending on your point of view, is determined to strike a blow by tearing down an iconic symbol of Western achievement. U.S. authorities know he's out there, probably planning an attack, but they don't know his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, preparations continue for the next shuttle mission. Captain Cal Schuyler will command the Coast Guard ship responsible for offshore security, and first-time flyer Kenai Munro is not pleased that her assignment is to watch over the civilian passenger, a media mogul from Qatar, or that one of the shuttle's missions is to deploy his satellite, which will service Al Jazeera. The stage is set for an international cat-and-mouse game, the outcome of which has monumental significance. (St. Martin's Minotaur, Feb., 304 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters