Image of Prescription For Romance (The Baby Chase #2017)


Image of Prescription For Romance (The Baby Chase #2017)
PRESCRIPTION FOR ROMANCE (2) by Marie Ferrarella: When Dr. Paul Armstrong's brother hires Ramona Tate as PR manager for their family-run fertility clinic without approval, Paul intends to fire her. But he gives Ramona a chance -- never suspecting she's an investigative reporter with a hidden agenda. Ramona's mother, a former egg donor, has leukemia, and finding any other children she may have is imperative. When they're trapped together in the clinic's vault, Ramona confesses, and Paul agrees to help. Romance blooms, but can it survive when Ramona's story runs without her consent? While Ramona is sympathetic, she and Paul have no chemistry, and the story lacks the humor and sparkle the author is capable of.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer