Lord William Fitzpatrick has learned that angels appear when one is in dire need and he carries this knowledge with him onto the battlefield at Waterloo. When his friend Val dies, William decides to take Vals letters to his widow and meet the woman he has come to know through her missives.

Louisa takes responsibility for everyone and everything, even her wastrel husband Val, who ran through her money and then ran off to fight Napoleon and die.

Desperate for help to run her farm, Louisa mistakes Will for a man-of-all-trades and hires him as a laborer. Will, determined to get to know the woman who fascinates him, plays along with the charade. As their love grows, he knows hes playing a dangerous game but he cant bear to leave Louisa or her adorable daughter, Pip. However, soon Will must take his true place as the nobleman he is and then hell have to win Louisas heart once more.

Touching and tender, IN THE PRESENCE OF ANGELS is filled with the strong spirituality that has become a hallmark of Ms. Kingsleys romances. The powerful love story of IN THE PRESENCE OF ANGELS will certainly take you out of the ordinary. SENSUAL (Mar., 364 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin