Fans of Johanna Lindsey and Mallory Maniacs will truly delight in this petite volume that brings all of the clan together for a magical Christmas that sets all wrongs to rights and answers some intriguing questions about the past.

As the eldest Mallory, Jason has held the family together, watching as each and every one finds their true love. But where is his love? How can he convince his Molly to become his wife?

As everyone gathers at Haverston, all is not well; several couples are at odds and there is a subtle tension pulsating beneath the surface. Then a mysterious present, wrapped in gold with a red velvet ribbon, is found on a table near the fireplace. Everyone is intrigued with the gift that will eventually change their lives.

Within the gilt wrappings lies the journal of the first marquis, Christopher Mallory, and his wife, the mysterious Anastasia, rumored to be a gypsy. But how can the lady have been a commoner? Would Christopher have wed a gypsy and scandalized society? Could someone be willing to sacrifice all for love?

The answers to these and other questions stun the Mallory clan and prove that life is never simple and that the greatest gift of all is something intangible, remarkable, magicalsomething called love. Dont wait until Christmas to open THE PRESENT. Tear into this little book with relish and savor the sweetness, charm and magic Johanna Lindsey puts into every page. It is a special book that will light up your day and bring the true spirit of the holidays to your heart. Thank you, Johanna, for a truly wonderful gift from your heart to ours. SENSUAL (Dec., 200 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin