Smith gives the reader yet another great installment in her Vampire Protectors Series. It has it all: mystery, vampires, paranormal and to round things out, a great love story. Once I started this story, I wasn’t satisfied until I had finished it. If this kind of story is right up your alley, don’t miss out!

Kira Jackson is one of the vampires assigned to protect the president. Her boss and mentor, Malachi, keeps the fact from the president, Gareth Hayes, because the president doesn’t feel a woman has the capability to protect him. He is royally proven wrong, however, when someone tries to assassinate him. As a ploy, they decide to have a phony wedding to give Kira reason to stay near Gareth at all times. What neither knows is that Malachi has decided on a real ceremony because he knows that these two are really soul mates. The question is: can Kira and Malachi catch the killer in time for the newlyweds to realize their love for each other? (BOOKSTRAND.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler