Dina McDermott is a successful businesswoman who has a terrific relationship with her mother, Jude. She has no idea that dark, important secrets from the past are about to explode—and transform—her very life.

Investigative reporter Simon Keller is intrigued when he is approached by his old journalism professor and former White House Press Secretary Philip Norton to write a book about late president Graham Hayward. With no scandals attached to the Hayward presidency, Simon is surprised when the name of a mysterious woman enters the picture.

Blythe Pierce was a vivacious woman who may have had an affair with Hayward while he was president. Blythe died mysteriously in a hit-and-run accident many years ago, and even more shocking is the revelation that Blythe had given birth prior to her death.

When Dina's life is threatened, Simon quickly sees a link irrevocably binding Blythe and Dina together. But Simon couldn't have predicted that his investigation would reawaken a killer who will do anything to keep the dead past quiet.

Taut and engaging, this novel by Mariah Stewart dishes up loads of intriguing suspense and warm passion. Ms. Stewart is fast becoming a brand-name author. (Aug., 400 pp. $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith