Image of Pressure Head


Image of Pressure Head

Mashing up contemporary m/m romance with a mystery and a dash of paranormal isn’t what makes Merrow’s latest novel a stay-up-till-4am read; it’s the likable narrator, along with a cast of characters that would do Agatha Christie proud. The less-than-relatable love interest and a quick reversal in feelings are the only teeny-tiny flaws in this brilliantly witty, funny and charming book.

The police have plumber Tom Paretski on speed dial because of his supernatural talent for finding the hidden, from lost children to dead bodies. His latest murder case brings him face to face with his schoolboy nemesis (and crush), Phil Morrison. A cop turned private investigator, the taciturn but totally hot Phil has been hired by the dead girls’ parents. As the two become enmeshed in the investigation, the heat between them goes from simmering to blazing. As they close in on the murderer, the two men end up fighting for their lives and discovering that past hurts and secrets just don’t matter anymore. (SAMHAIN, Aug., 256 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison