The Texas Cattleman's Club is closing in on its quarry; now it needs bait to lure the masterminds of the baby-selling ring into its grasp. Alexander Kent needs a woman to act as his wife for the plan to work, but when his friends suggest the town librarian, he thinks they've lost their minds— until he sees her acting abilities. Stephanie's immediate answer to his proposition is absolutely not, but soon she falls victim to Alex's charms. As the couple heads to Las Vegas to put their plan into gear, Stephanie realizes it would be all too easy to let PRETENDING WITH THE PLAYBOY (4.5) seem real to her heart. Cathleen Galitz's addition to this miniseries is a passionate story with the potential to make readers laugh and cry before they reach the end. It is filled with believable, endearing characters and larger-than-life adventures.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck