Readers can always count on
Jump for cute dialogue, comedic
plots and fun characters. This novel
is no exception, and it features tasty recipes for cheese lovers to boot. The writing is consistently strong in this light romance that is warmhearted
and entertaining.

Impulsive Madison Worth, at 29, is a nearly over-the-hill fashion model with a touch of attitude and a maxed-out Visa card. She has few work options except for a new contract involving a dairy farm out in the Massachusetts wilderness.

She doesn't like it, but what's a girl in need of new Manolos and Manhattan rent money to do? Jack Pleeseman desperately wants to revive his family's 160-year-old cheese business. He hires what he thinks is the perfect company spokesmodel but soon discovers Madison is not merely a pretty face he spotted in Sports Illustrated. She's frustrating, stubborn, spoiled, high maintenance -- and, well, not a woman he can trust. Or can he? Both Madison and Jack need each other to scale their respective career ladders, but to put their hearts on the line might just be the biggest challenge of all. (ZEBRA, Feb., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel