Image of Pretty Boy Problems


Image of Pretty Boy Problems

Pretty Boy Problems is nothing like the title suggests. A well-written and fascinating story told from the perspective of each of the characters, readers will find themselves finishing this one too quickly. The characters are charming and multifaceted, bringing the reader along for the ride as their one-dimensional tales morph into something so much more.

On the surface, Avery Beauregard Montgomery is an irresponsible freeloading pretty boy who moves from one home to another with no regard for those he inconveniences with his presence. Delaney Mirabella Richards is a self-made businesswoman and former model who took on the role of an adult when she started modeling at 15. She is determined to maintain a successful business and not succumb to her weakness — pretty boys. She meets Beau at his sister’s home and begins to realize he’s more than just eye candy. They are soon friends, business partners and lovers, but Beau wants more and Belle is scared to make the same mistake again. Determined to win her love for life, Beau is forced to display the real man behind the façade and learn the art of patience. (DAFINA, Aug., 227 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims