A surprising plotline and characters with depth make this book more than just the same old drama about gold diggers chasing the next wallet. For those who haven’t read the previous novels starring the same leading ladies, the author does a good job of summing up their past exploits. However, it takes too long for the author to connect these characters to each other, and some issues raised are never fully addressed.

Adrienne is leaving her life of chasing ballers behind. She has a hard-working man and money in the bank, but she yearns for purpose in her life. She comes up with the idea to open a new nightclub in her hometown of Philly, but finds that owning a business may be more than she bargains for. One of Adrienne’s newest employees is Shanice, a woman with a high school education, expensive taste and no real skills. Working as a waitress in Adrienne’s club provides Shanice with more money and access to celebrities like Oklahoma Thunder basketball player Jabril. Jabril has begged and pleaded, and has finally won back the heart of his ex-girlfriend, Zakiya, who broke up with him after a miscarriage and returned to Philly to go back to school and start her life anew. After coming back to Jabril, she dedicates her life to making him happy and replacing the baby they lost. (DAFINA, Feb., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner